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Like other areas of family law, there is simply no “one size fits all” approach to matters pertaining to children including issues of custody and timesharing. Though the presumptions in Kentucky have changed, such that it is now presumed that joint custody and equal timesharing are in the child’s best interests, those presumptions are rebuttable as it may not always be in the child’s best interests for the parties to share joint custody and equal time with him or her. Even if you and the other parent are agreeable to such set up, there are still other issues, such as scheduling, that need to be resolved in a manner that serves your child’s best interests.

Because circumstances change frequently, what worked for you and the other parent before, and more importantly, what worked for the child before, may no longer be viable. For these reasons, issues pertaining to your child are always modifiable based on his or her best interests.

Regardless of how these issues arise, whether it be through a divorce or following the determination of paternity, cases involving children are particularly difficult for all parties involved. While we believe that coming to peaceful resolutions is most beneficial to all involved, most importantly the children, the attorneys at Osborne Family Law PLLC are likewise ready to provide you with the aggressive representation you may need to obtain a custody and timesharing resolution that truly serves the best interests of your children.

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