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Upon divorce, we urge all of our clients to have their Last Will and Testament revised as a decree of divorce does not automatically terminate that individual’s ex-spouse’s right to take under their Will and specific bequeaths therein. Power of Attorneys or other documents may likewise need to be revoked or revised.

Last Wills and Testaments are an important and necessary document to have, particularly in the event you own assets or have children. It will make the process of your passing easier for those left behind, and will ensure that your desires are carried out upon your death.

At Osborne Family Law PLLC, we will help you work through those decisions so that your Last Will and Testament details all of your wishes specifically and appropriately. Simple wills for less-complex financial estates are offered at a flat rate fee, as are Living Wills or Power of Attorney documents. In the event your estate planning requires a more complicated Will, the team at Osborne Fletcher PLLC will work with you diligently to ensure that such is created in a cost-effective manner.

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